Friday, November 30, 2007

Wooflink Vintage Dog Clothing Line

Check out Wooflink dog clothing! The newest addition to our boutique's never-ending list of dog clothing designers! But unlike anything you've seen before, Wooflink features hip and vintage designs such as retro color patterns, vintage screen prints, and edgy punk rock style finishing touches like chaos stitching and rugged edges! The attention to detail on all of their dog clothing is incrdible! It's definitely worth taking a look! Our favorite pieces from the new line are the Wooflink Vintage Dog Dress and the Wooflink Denim Dog Jacket. The embroidery on both is truly amazing! You can also mix and match pieces from their line to create an entire outfit for your dog! You can pair a vintage dog hoodie with some denim dog pants and suspenders for a punk rock look! So, if you like that funky vintage style, or just to be different from everyone else, then you'll love Wooflink's designs!

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