Monday, August 6, 2007

T-Cup Long Haired Chihuahua Puppy For Sale

Attention!!! Drum roll please...And our 'favorite puppy of the week' award (if there was one) goes to...the most adorable, cuddly, teacup Long Haired Chihuahua you've ever laid eyes on! This sweet little puppy is nearly four months old, and fits in the palm of your hand! His docile temperament and super sweet personality will steal your heart! Although he's not a big kisser, he sure does love to cuddle, and he'll nuzzle his nose up against your lips - almost like he's pretending to kiss you! He'll also gently paw your face when he wants some lovin'! So if you're looking for an energetic dog to play fetch with, then this is definitely NOT the dog for you! But if you're looking for a precious little companion to spoil and snuggle, then this is your dog! Whoever snags this tiny teacup puppy may very will be one of the luckiest people on Earth!!!


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that puppy is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freakin cute!!!!!!!!!!!

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